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Attention mod authors, and modders

With the new update many mods no longer work, if you notice that your own mod isn’t working with the new update please kindly click ‘unpublish’ from your manage mods area under your profile, or from the mod page itself.

Mod users can also help assist with this, by using the report box on a mod page if the mod no longer works so then an admin can unpublish this.

Mods that are unpublished can always be updated to work with the patch and then published to make it public again.


Play an interactive live stream!

User sorryaboutyoucats is doing interactive Streams of No Man’s Sky with various MODs on a daily basis by interactive – I mean that you can actually control the ship, the guy & pretty much anything in the game.

This should increase interest with MODs in general as not everyone is even aware they exist! Also, if you’d like to suggest your MOD for showcase, please let me know on the stream. =D

Check it out below



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Thanks for being patient so far, we have been collecting Thanium9 and will initiate our pulse drive soon!

EDIT: Sites running far better now, we are still getting into the nitty gritty and making sure everything is running as smooth as a Gek’s ass.