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Attention Mod Authors and Mod Users

It has been brought to my attention that certain mods, such as editing ship stats, spawn tables, and weather; can affect other players in the same online session. We are not sure yet if these changes are temporary or permanent. It is advised to not use mods in multiplayer with others until the modding community has figured out exactly how this works, or there is a comment from Hello Games. That being said, mods used intentionally to grief other players will result in a ban. MsrSgtShooterPerson has written a great post detailing exactly what the modding community is doing, as well as the state of modding with NMS:NEXT. That can be found here

While I am making this post I would also like to cover some modding guidelines. With the release of NMS:NEXT we have experienced a huge surge in players. This is a monumental achievement by HELLO GAMES and has many of us excited for the future of No Man’s Sky. However, with such an increase in volume of players there is also an increased need for organization within the modding community. There are three things modders can do to help with that.

  1. Please include a readme with your file that contains a change log and installation instructions.
  2. On your mod page, include a compatibility section where you detail files altered or changed. I know many of you do this and it’s really helpful to ensure that mods do not overlap and cause issues for your mod users.
  3. It is helpful to categorize your mods to the No Man’s Sky : NEXT category. It keeps all mods that are updated for NEXT in one category, making them easy to find as well seeing what has been updated and what hasn’t from Atlas Rises.

Thanks to our mod authors and others in the community who continually work to make NMS such a great game to mod for and play.

As always, take care and have fun in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Update 1.5

Hey everyone, No Man’s Sky: NEXT releases today, July 24th. We are all excited for tons of new features and game play changes and you can read about them all here. With such a large overhaul to almost every game play aspect and system, it is inevitable that most, if not all, mods will not work on the new update. Please have patience and give mod authors time to update their mods. I have also created a new category for mods updated for NMS:NEXT. Please be patient during this time period as things are sorted out. Thanks for reading, now get out there and enjoy No Man’s Sky: NEXT.


Atlas Rises Update 1.3

Hello Games released Atlas Rises, update 1.3 on August 11th, on the one year anniversary of No Man’s Sky’s release. As you probably are aware, a lot of new features and gameplay improvements have been added to the game, and this has rendered most mods incompatible with the new update. monkeyman192 has written a helpful explanation on Reddit about the way this transition period will be handled, and a list of compatible mods has been started. A new Atlas Rises category for mod pages has been added, which should also help indicate which mods are working. In the mean time, enjoy vanilla No Man’s Sky!