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    We are looking for showroom builders! Contact us if you think you've made a nice room with our decorations! If you want to support me as a filmmaker, feel free to watch my latest short film "Blackwhite" and share it with people you know: Eucli-ea adds 401 new buildable objects that are either already present in the game but were not made available to players, or new flags and emblem with different themes. This mod currently adds: 171 additional…

    October 19, 2017
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    Since Eucli-ea is being updated again, _CubeSnap standalone will not be updated. For future updates, go to Eucli-ea  page and get it there:   A part of Eucli-ea, _CubeSnap is released as a standalone for AR as custom scene-updating is way too time-consuming to be viable for one person as for now for a mod with the scale of Eucli-ea, while _CubeSnap only consists of a few vanilla scenes and one or two custom ones and is therefore much easier…

    September 30, 2017
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    Began as an integrated hidden quest in Eucli-ea, this standalone version offers the proof-of-concept questline "Lost Roads" into the game. Begin the quest by talking to NPCs after you have help them once, there is a certain low percentage that you will find the right  dialogue.   Incompatible with all mods that add new buildable objects, products, and interactions.   Notes: There are issues that are related to the mechanics which this mod uses, you are advised to do the…

    July 11, 2017
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    Eucli-ea - More buildable decorations

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    Special thanks to DemiGoD on discord for helping with the update, making such a quick dev cycle possible!   Read or I will tell you to do so and nothing otherwise, you have been warned. Update 1.6.A1 and beyond are all alphas of the update of the mod for 1.3, and will likely progress slowly as I am working alone manually updating all files by hand, you can help by contacting me through Discord and help me update the files…

    September 12, 2017