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    Back again for NEXT! Essentially the same as before but I added a new option: Minimal Vegetation! LowQualityNEXT: Like before, this one will reduce internal resolution and scale, probably it will hurt your eyes but hey, it's a 7-10 FPS Increase! Won't change anything related to UI though. MinimalVegetation: As you might Imagine, Humanity needs to optimize the land by destroying everything for mobility, so most planets WILL look a bit barren (including Lush, sorry). Some special planets are unaffected…

    September 9, 2018
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    I brought to you a Low Graphic mod for Atlas Rises v1.38. The difference is that, I don't lower the player UI resolution, so it doesn't look as crap, since Atlas Rises quest uses almost all of it. I haven't seen someone made this so I decided just to create one myself (by messing with numbers). This is optimized for Low-End PC, so I don't know how well it will perform if you have higher in-game settings than mine. Because…

    February 10, 2018