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    GeoNMS RU Font

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    I was always a little sad about the fact that standard GeoNMS font was stylised only in latin part, and cyrillic one was untouched. Time to change this and give RU version more "NMS-style", at least for the Travellers who prefer so. 🙂 This is a tiny mod to cyrillic part. For now I just removed horizontal line in "A", but it's only beginning. I'll make more when I learn better how to draw fonts (completely new thing for me).…

    November 23, 2018
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    This mod simplifies naming lists on galaxy map and intended to make your search for suitable economics a bit easier. Each list now presented by only one name, and all names have different letters at start, to eliminate any confusion then you searching fast. Of course this is not the only one mod of such kind, but most of others are for english only, or covers only levels (not types). This one is for russian language, so rejoice! 🙂 Conflict…

    November 23, 2018