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    This mod updates the rain textures for a more immersive and vibrant experience. This is only a slight update to the original textures. Until we can properly update the shaders etc. this will have to do. Features: New Rain textures Increased Fog Opacity (Thicker Fog) Increased Opacity of Storm Clouds Included versions: Rain + Fog + Storm Clouds Rain Only: Fog Only Contact: Ever need to contact me? Find me on TeamSpeak: or send me a PM.

    August 22, 2016
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    Packed version of: Created by UR3 BIOMESLOADER BIOMESLOADER can currently load 8 biomes. TOXIC SCORCHED SCORCH/LUSH2 LUSH RADIOACTIVE FROZEN DEAD BARREN Works with both current save and new save. BIOMESLOADER will force the game to load the selected biome, regardless of whatever planet you are currently on, allowing you to change the  environment around you whenever and wherever by simply reloading the game!

    August 19, 2016