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    Planet Resource Hints

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    This mod adds resource hints on scanning planets for all rare resources: Radnox Calium Omegon Murrine Vortex Cube Gravitron Ball Albumen Pearl Sac Venom AquaSphere is currently not listed as it tends to show up multiple times in the list whenever there is a water world The Omegon variant of the mod enables omegon spawn on lush and barren planets at the same chance as the non-extreme rare resources(12.5%)   Not compatible with any mods that changes BIOMEFILENAMES.MBIN

    December 5, 2017
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    This mod fixes the bug where mission tech rewards only uses the last 20% out of the ~25 tech blueprints defined for each tier of rewards(5-6 for each of the 4 tiers). It will also give you a different tech from the same tier if you already have the blueprint once you turn in the mission, just like the operation center and manufacturing facilities do in version 1.37 (If it is a duplicate you won't see the new tech you…

    October 8, 2017