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    This mod is a continuation of my previous work. This mod makes terrain visible from space, so no more drastic pop-in (For example the island that wasn't there before). Due to how the rendering engine works, to achieve this effect, I had to make the planets smaller. To accomodate for smaller planets, solar system scale has also been reduced.   Known Issues: Visible squares of higher resolution terrain. Weird atmosphere effects as you enter a planet. Atmospheres are not as…

    December 11, 2017
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    This mod makes terrain visible from space. This mod is still in test phase, it has some problems, like: Not displaying the entire planet's terrain from space, only a small area directly under the ship. (Working on fixing this). But even still, it should be useful for when you want to decide where to land so you don't have to turn your ship just when entering the atmosphere. Please test this mod and leave feedback. Thanks.

    December 11, 2017
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    Longer Days For Atlas Rises

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    This mod increases the length of the day-night cycle to 3600(x2) or 7200(x4) seconds (Your choosing), from a default of 1800 seconds.   Incompatible with ThiccFogLongDays.

    August 26, 2017
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    This mod replaces the default font of NMS with the Eurocaps font. This gives it a more serious and sci-fi look, rather than the slitghtly distracting look of the default font. This font is also used in Elite: Dangerous, an excellent space-flight simulator, which was a big inspiration for me to do this mod.   --WORKS PARTIALLY WITH 1.3 ATLAS RISES UPDATE--

    August 11, 2017