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    This mod aims to fix the terrible support for 21:9 and Surround / Eyefinity Resolutions.  The HUD was completely stretched even though HG Claims they were supporting it.  This is a terribly bad port of the original HUD.  This mod has morphed from one mans project and another's desire, to a slightly community driven mod with many support angles and contributions.  The following is the accumulation of work put into this mod so far.  Changes that were made with this…

    September 3, 2016
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    This is a package of tools to enable an in-game functionality to your badass x52 flight system controller.  This is not a direct modification of the game files, a method and some additional tools to assist the immersion.   **THIS SHOULD WORK WITH ANY JOYSTICK OR FLIGHT STICK SYSTEM - You may have to edit some of the profile bindings for this to work for anything other than an x52 Saitek, however the groundwork is already there for you!  …

    August 24, 2016