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    Legit Max Frigates-VISIONS

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    This mod removes the RNG for Frigate classes and stats. Each frigate you encounter ingame will have the best initial stats and will spawn as S class. A HUGE shout out to "Ray Khouri" from the NMS Modding Discord. We looked for hours to find out how this works and he found the final solution to make this all possible! Basic Information about frigates: Frigate Classes get determined by their traits. A Frigate with five positive traits will be considered…

    May 31, 2019
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    This Mod removes the RNG for ship and multitool classes, slots and stats. Each ship and multitool you encounter ingame will have the best class, maximum stats and slots. If its possible to encounter a ship in S class it will spawn as S class. If you're in a poor system it will spawn as A class. (you can choose the second mod file if you want always S class instead) Because there seems to be a little misunderstanding what…

    May 31, 2019