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    This gives the third-person camera for starships a little bit more freedom. I tried to not go overboard with the max rotation values for sensitivity reasons. This also elevates the camera to be a little bit higher above the ship for better combat.   Modifies: GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN For the curious: LookStickLimitAngle set to 50 and OffsetY += 1 in every ship FollowCam

    August 12, 2018
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    Weapon Ready This mod prolongs the auto-holster timer for multi-tools from 6 seconds to 30 minutes.  Since NMS 1.5 we can holster our multi-tools by holding the reload button, but the auto-holster timer makes this feature almost useless, which is why I made this. The multi-tool is kept drawn while walking. Running or going inside structures will still holster it.   Modifies: GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN For the curious: WeaponHolsterDelay set to 1800

    August 14, 2018