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    This mod allows hovering at 0u/s in the atmosphere and also brings quality-of-life adjustments to pulse engine speed.   Updated for NMS Patch 1.75 Fully compatible with current NMS Patch   Welcome everybody looking for a combined mod for atmosphere hover and pulse speed adjustment.   Options are... ■ AtmoHover_Only (default pulse speed) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x0.5) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x1.5) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x2.0) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x4.0) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x6.0) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x8.0) ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x10) Please remember to choose only ONE .pak file inside the downloaded .zip  …

    November 30, 2018