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Natural Blue Water

Natural Blue Water mod fixes the weird and garish blue water to have a much more natural shade of blue, while also allowing the water to better reflect the colour of the sky.

The ShamaWama Water Mod

Just a simple water retexture that I’ve been working on. Inspired by Skyrim/Fallout water mods. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first water mod/retexture for No Man’s Sky so far.’ I guess the purpose of this mod is just to try to improve the way the vanilla water looks and basically […]

LowFlight by Hytek (PACKED)

Important: LowFlight is no longer being updated due to the large decline of interest in No Man’s Sky, so this mod may be incompatible with the latest versions of the game.   LowFlight is now compatible with the Foundation Update! LowFlight lets you fly as low to the ground as you want and be able to […]