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Based on the artwork of the deceased surrealist Hans Ruedi Giger, by Virakotxa.  Retexture of the planetary assets of three (out of eleven) Visions’ exotic biomes: Contours, Mstructures and Bonespires, into a gigeresque biomechanical theme. Check my other biomechanical retextures to date:  

Biomechanical Fiends

MOAR TEETH!! As ordered…  Special thanks to @Argh! who helped me immensely to figure out the new texture formats! Check my other biomechanical retextures to date:  

Biomechanical Atlas Stations

Visual mod, only. A dark, surrealist take on the Atlas stations for added atmosphere and extra cosmic dread… Vanilla sized. No FPS loss. Inspired by H. R. Giger’s artwork. Light effects, and the Atlas Iteration itself were left untouched. Compatible with Atlas effect recolors. Check my other biomechanical retextures to date:  

BIOTOOLS – HD procedural biomech’d multitools.

High-definition (x2 vanilla) replacement maps to turn “alien”-multitools into biomechanical versions of themselves. No other change to statistics. Visual mod, only. So far, fully compatible with all mods available. Atlas Rises (1.3) compatible version. Full procedural compatibility with vanilla variation. A special thanks to: RaYRod for guiding me back into post-rise NMS modding, H. R. […]

Biomechanical Space-Anomaly

HD Texture replacer in biomechanical style for the Space Anomalies. “Creator of simulation friend or foe? Paranoia imperative. Galaxy purely causal, individualism statistical anomaly – Nada is an error. Trust Nada? Trust you?”  Based on the artwork of the deceased great Swiss Surrealist Artist; Hans Ruedi Giger.

Biomechanical Infestation

HD Lore-friendly texture replacer of the alien infestation that plague some abandoned buildings. “It looked like a wound on the world. Crimson and ragged-edged, like something that once lived but was then torn asunder. I should have stayed away. Had I the senses to taste the air of this planet, I imagine it would have […]