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More Varied Terrain

This mod adjusts the voxel generation settings to achieve more varied planetary terrain. Such changes improve: Higher and larger mountains Lakes Low points in the terrain which either appear as crevasses or craters Greater overall contrast in terrain between planets and on the surface of a particular planet More flat areas and more bumpy areas […]

Just another intro screen.

I found that the default intro screen whas boring so decided to make a change and add some variety. Only use one of these at a time in the game. Intro Options: use _MOD.VydaX.MEMEIntro.pak for a meme style intro use _MOD.VydaX.VGMNMSMIntro.pak for a VGMods/NMSmods style intro useĀ _MOD.VydaX.RETROIntro.pak for a Retro Style intro inspired by Ryuk’s […]