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Base Palette Customiser

Base Palette Customiser is a small application that allows you to easily change the 16 palettes available for bases in No Man’s Sky. It’ll create a custom mod that it places in your MODS folder (or creates a MODS folder for you, if you don’t have one). Usage Unzip the archive provided anywhere on your […]

Batch MBIN Processor

DISCONTINUED This tool allows you to batch extract, decrypt, edit, and repackage files for the game No Man’s Sky using MBINCompiler and PSARC. Example mod and presets are included to get you started. Github Special thanks to monkeyman192, theFisher86, and those helping them for making tools like this possible. About Merging: Certain mods can’t be […]

NMS Mass Tool Collection – Easier Extracting and Importing

This utility’s purpose is to grant you the power of being able to extract and (re)import No Man’s Sky’s core files with only a few clicks of the mouse; without having to manually input extraction/importing script codes in command interfaces. Features: – Utilization of QuickBMS extraction. – Automatic compilation of extracted files .txt list that […]