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S-ClassUP or AlwaysS Increase S-Class Ship spawn rate a bit

Hello, this mod increases the %-Spawn Rate of S-Class Ships in: – Poor Systems from 0 to 5 – Average Systems from 1 to 10 – Wealthy Systems from 2 to 15 For those who dont want to wait hours and still want to be able to “hunt” for the beautys our there.   due […]

No Critical Hit Icon

Get’s rid of the annoying x2 that pops up during space combat. Pretty simple, I think it’s more immersive.


  Show some love for your add-ons with this load screen replacement that adds the tagline “Custom Edition” signifying you are modded and ready. I mean it does what it says, don;t expect anything amazing. =) Honestly, it’s just flavor stuff I made for myself but maybe some of you might like it! Leave a […]