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Disable Game List Sorting

A simple mod to disable the “sort by date last played” from the Game List.  With this mod applied, your saves will always appear in the game list in the same order as the slot numbers they are associated with.  Just like old times!!! Enjoy, Jefus 🙂 Modifies GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN

Reduced Mission Hints and Assists [EXO MECH UPDATE]

OVERVIEW This mod introduces several mission based QoL changes.  It removes several annoying tutorial missions triggered by having certain items in your inventory (e.g. star charts, upgrade modules).  Furthermore, missions no longer force a default inventory window; your inventory should now remember the tab it was on regardless of the mission you have selected. Do […]

All Your Base – Base Building Enhancements

All Your Base – Building Enhancements for NMS Beyond/Desolation 1) Adds scaling and 3d rotation to a number of buildable items and base Tech: Small, Medium and Large Refiners Power and Industrial Tech Storage containers Trade Terminal Reality Glitches 2) Separates the infrastructure blocks (such as sphere, cube, pyramid, pipe, paver, etc.) into their own […]

Faster Text Display

!NOTE! The “Branches” section shows you the current release build id’s under: https://steamdb.info/app/275850/depots/ This mod displays the text faster when interacting with objects or aliens (NPCs). If you leave the left mouse button pressed (player with keyboard/mouse) then the text will be displayed even faster. There are two versions: _MOD.faster.text.display.pak Normal version _MOD.faster.text.display_compatibility.pak – Same […]

Chemically Correct

Do the game’s chemical inconsistencies ever bother the hell out of you? No? Maybe it’s just me. Regardless, this mod fixes that.  This is my first mod, fueled by my pet peeve of scientific inaccuracies. It essentially just replaces the icons and elemental abbreviations with artistically correct renditions of how the molecules should actually look […]

FPS Booster Without Changing UI Resolution (No Man’s Sky NEXT)

Back again for NEXT! Essentially the same as before but I added a new option: Minimal Vegetation! LowQualityNEXT: Like before, this one will reduce internal resolution and scale, probably it will hurt your eyes but hey, it’s a 7-10 FPS Increase! Won’t change anything related to UI though. MinimalVegetation: As you might Imagine, Humanity needs […]

RUS Localization Fix

Исправлены тексты с валютой. Исправлена ошибка отображения не верной валюты в качестве вознаграждения за исследования. Исправлены ошибки, когда текст выезжает за рамки полей интерфейса. Исправлены прочие мелкие неточности локализации в разных частях интерфейса. Известные ошибки которые исправить не удалось, так как переменные вшиты в код .exe фала: При подведении мыши на предметы в инвентаре, в […]

Dark Enviroment Scanner

Another super simple mod from me!  This one simply make the blue from the scanner go away.  I figured binoculars in real life make things look darker not blue.  So I made this and I hope you enjoy.

CT – Notification Background

CT – Notification Background for Atlas Rises Author ActionOfLost aka Vectors85, Updated by Forkinator Modding is current on hiatus on my side, as soon as thing get sorted out in my personal life, I will get back at it and update this mod. However, in the mean time if anyone has the knowledge and desired […]

E3 SHIP HUD (Original E3 Trailer Ship HUD)

Welcome to my FIRST MOD EVER! I am new to the NMS Modding section, but a veteran in the NMS community ? I really wanted to contribute, so I decided to start learning the modding ways, and started small with updating a mod that was created by DeckyDooles. Changes the Font to match the E3 […]