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Just Optional Lines

This is the Just Optional Lines mod for No Man’s Sky. It separates the ‘traderoute’ lines from the ‘galaxy map’ lines in the game, so that you are able to partially or wholly block them and alter their appearance. So far all┬átraderoute line removal mods have edited the one texture that also removes┬áthe lines in […]

Thicker or No Traderoute Lines

Simple mod to either make the traderoute lines thicker or to make them invisible. Feel free to post any questions/suggestions into the comments below.

Nearly Invisible Traderoutes

Needed to replace the name with “Nearly Invisible Traderoutes”. Seems like you can still see them, even if its barely(and without mods you dont see them, at me atleast). Need to see if i can make them even more “Invisible”. This mod replaces the Traderoute texture with a small one which shouldnt be seen in […]

Blue & finer Traderoutes

I made the Traderoute lines a bit finer and gave them the colour Blue. I like it more this way and thought why not share.