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Terrain Manipulator longer use (x5)

Increases terrain manipulator use time before charging (x5), but charging requires equally more resources

More Varied Terrain

This mod adjusts the voxel generation settings to achieve more varied planetary terrain. Such changes improve: Higher and larger mountains Lakes Low points in the terrain which either appear as crevasses or craters Greater overall contrast in terrain between planets and on the surface of a particular planet More flat areas and more bumpy areas […]

DECEARING EGG MOD!!! (Multiple mods to make the game more fun)

UPDATED FOR NMS 1.55!!! Stay tuned! More versions of the DECEARING EGG mod may be coming soon! Multiple versions to choose only the options you want to use! As long as I can get everything coded correctly.   This is the DECEARING EGG mod. It modifies many different things in the game, all of which […]

Larger Terrain Editor Destroy Size

This mod makes the largest destroy mode on the terrain editor even bigger. The original maximum destroy size was 1.6 units. It is now 4 units large. What this mod does not do is add more sizes to the terrain editor – it replaces the largest size for the destroy mode. Build mode is untouched. […]


This mod makes the terrain look much better than the normal game. This mod doesn’t make the whole world a mountain like other mods.WARNING YOUR BASE AND SPACE SHIP WILL GO AWAY IF YOU SPACESHIP IS ON PLANET. LAND SPACE SHIP ON A SPACE STATION. IF YOU HAVE A BASE IT WILL BE IN THE […]


This is the first new release of Megaliths for No Man’s Sky NEXT! Megaliths is a mod that reintroduces existing assets as immensely-sized objects, picked from a roulette, into the game to further diversify the visuals and distinguishability of existing biomes but without having to alter the biomes themselves. This new release for NEXT qualifies […]

Batch MBIN Processor

DISCONTINUED This tool allows you to batch extract, decrypt, edit, and repackage files for the game No Man’s Sky using MBINCompiler and PSARC. Example mod and presets are included to get you started. Github Special thanks to monkeyman192, theFisher86, and those helping them for making tools like this possible. About Merging: Certain mods can’t be […]

Better Environment

I really liked the Extreme Terrain mod but it hasn’t been updated yet, nor do I know if it ever will be, so I decided to do so myself, and extra. There are 3 pak files included; One is the Extreme Terrain version of the mod which has all of the values copied over from the Extreme […]


This mod makes terrain on planets more different from each other. It will allow for 1.575 times bigger mountains but will also decrease other mountains to enable flatter planets. All in all I changed values that were all the same before to different values higher and lower than before.   Someone took the time to make […]