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Revised Economy, Conflict and Tech Names for NEXT (RU)

This mod simplifies naming lists on galaxy map and intended to make your search for suitable economics a bit easier. Each list now presented by only one name, and all names have different letters at start, to eliminate any confusion then you searching fast. Of course this is not the only one mod of such […]

Stack 1 / 2 / 3 more upgrade modules

Choose between being able to stack 1, 2 or 3 additional upgrade modules in any inventory.   THIS MOD MODIFIES GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN. Other mods that alter this file will NOT be compatible.

Trade and Economy Mod NEXT

So Hello Games added a new trading system in 1.3 which is very cool but unfortunately only limited to specific 35 trade goods. In 1.5 for some reason they removed trade goods entirely from the space stations and other sales places so I added them back in. I decided to make every product and substance […]


DARCONIA AIO for NMS 1.24 PATHFINDER !  Update for 1.3 Atlas Rising will come ! Darconizer proudly presents a game changing mod ! FULL ALL-IN-ONE RELEASE 1.43   This is the AIO Editor´s Choice Version of Darconia. Because of the size and amount of pak files, that make the installation a little bit difficult I […]

Freighter Captains Sell Hyperdrive Boosters

If you think that Polo is holding out on you, this mod makes it so you can acquire Hyperdrive Booster Technology and Atlas Pass recipes earlier (and more reliably) in your playthrough. Freighter captains will sell you Hyperdrive Boosters in stages. Construction Managers (Gek builder in every space station) will offer all Atlas Pass recipes […]