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This Replaces the loading text to  MOD MAN’S SKY      Thanks to Fullbitgamer as i edited his version, Thanks to Cyrus for his great comment. that inspired me to edit this


  Show some love for your add-ons with this load screen replacement that adds the tagline “Custom Edition” signifying you are modded and ready. I mean it does what it says, don;t expect anything amazing. =) Honestly, it’s just flavor stuff I made for myself but maybe some of you might like it! Leave a […]

Fast Intro Screen (packed & unpacked) (emoose)

This changes the DisplayTime for the startup logos to 0 – which shows them for almost less than a second. Not sure if this actually speeds up loading in any way, but I saw a few people requesting this so here you go 🙂 ZIP contains a .pak file (thanks to Drogean from the discord for […]