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No More Speed Lines

This mod will remove the super chaotic speed lines that appear around your ship while using your pulse drive. All the mod does is replace the line textures with blank textures. The main reason this mod exists is for streamers who don’t want their stream to look like garbage while speeding between planets and such. […]


SwimLikeDaFish version 1.55.01 a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240) Purpose: This mod triples the player swim speed and braking while underwater. Multiplayer impact: untested, but the only effect on other players might be your unnatural ability to escape your pursuers in water. Compatibility details: This mod alters the following file: .\\GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN […]

Clean Space for NEXT 1.52

This mod removes all speed lines and dust/plazma from space and from the game.  The space feels now more deep and vast, without visual disturbances. *** Compatible with NEXT version 1.52*** Files affected by this mod:  MODELSEFFECTSLINESSPEEDLINEMATERIAL.MBIN, SPEEDLINE2MATERIAL.MBIN, SPEEDLINE3MATERIAL.MBIN. MODELSEFFECTSSPACEANIMATEDDUSTANIMATEDDUST.MATERIAL.MBIN MODELSEFFECTSSPACEPLASMAPLASMA.MATERIAL.MBIN


With This Mod You Can Have All Of These Cool “cheats”. The Title Explains It All! I HAVE ADDED 25 COMBINATIONS OF THE DIFFERENT EFFECTS! ENJOY!!!!

No Speedlines

Removes the extreme speedlines.

Faster Movement

—–Faster Movement—- This mod simply increases your movement speed making hiking and exploring no longer a chore pick ONE of the below levels and add the .pak file to your mod folder  I recommend starting on Level 3 first.     Level 1 – Walk Speed      5.4 – Sprint Speed       9 – Jet […]

Movement Speed and Instant Lift-Off

Darkm1 originally released these mods, but as they’re not working anymore and I wasn’t able to reach him through discord, I decided to release this one. Couldn’t stand walking at turtle speed after installing the new update 😉 Description: Increases your movement speed by a decent (not OP) amount and lets your ship instantly take […]

Magic Speed

Makes you go unrealistically fast and the jetpack is slightly adjusted so you can still fly easily.  Annoyed by footsteps sounds ? No Footsteps mod OR No footsteps & no jetpack sounds mod *Uses GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL, any other mod modifying the same file will conflict. CREDITS GOES TO : Darkm1 for “mapping” the MBIN.