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Spacestation Portal

Adds a portal to each spacestation. Many thanks to monkeyman192 for his huge efforts towards the NMS modding community and his work on the mbin compiler.

Spacestation Retexture HD + more Colors

Hello! My second Mod is a combination of some own things and a Mod from ScavangeR. It will retexture all Spacestations with High Quality Textures and will make the lines in other colors as well as the Beam outside of the Spacestation. Select the texture and extract it. And select a color and extract it. […]


take file into: it includs textures for the spacestation hall,AND OUTSIDE TEXTURES trackbeam. groundlines, numbers, and new decals. works fine on my pc, with 55 fps max resolution. deutsch: sie enthält neue texturen für die raumstationshalle,UND AUSSENHÜLLE landelichter bodenleuchten, nummern und decals funzt prächtig auf meinem rechner. viel spass DR Himmelpimmel

SpaceStation Main Hall Retext

Just another quick mod for SpaceStation main Hall I did to educate myself with .dds and re-pak. Replace the plain boring 512*512 texture of SpaceStation main hall with a 1024*1024 scratched and more realistic one Now with up to 4096 resolution and red-ish version that suit the Damply RedLight mod !   Check my others […]