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More Freighter & Space-Battles – NEXT

Hello, This mod increase the spawn rate of freighter spawning in systems, and removes all cooldown from spacebattles and freighter battles. After installation, warp to a random system and enjoy šŸ™‚Ā      This mod modifies GCAISPACESHIPSGLOBALS.GLOBAL & GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL  

Clean Space for NEXT 1.52

This mod removes allĀ speed linesĀ andĀ dust/plazmaĀ from space and from the game.Ā  The space feels now more deep and vast, without visual disturbances. ***Ā CompatibleĀ with NEXT version 1.52*** Files affected by this mod:Ā  MODELSEFFECTSLINESSPEEDLINEMATERIAL.MBIN, SPEEDLINE2MATERIAL.MBIN, SPEEDLINE3MATERIAL.MBIN. MODELSEFFECTSSPACEANIMATEDDUSTANIMATEDDUST.MATERIAL.MBIN MODELSEFFECTSSPACEPLASMAPLASMA.MATERIAL.MBIN


DARCONIA for ATLAS RISES 1.38 This is a complete overhaul mod, that offers: NEW PRODUCTS ! NEW SUBSTANCES ! NEW BUILDABLE PARTS ! NEW RECIPES ! MORE TRADING OPTIONS ! specify on special products – food, illegal stuff, weapons, ship parts, machines… PROCEDURAL GENERATED CITIES ! SILO STORAGES for common substances like iron, copper, plutonium, […]


This MOD uses the great objects from the CONSTRUCTS MOD and puts them into space just like big ships or stations. Looks amazing ! Constructs: https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/323 The spawn method is based on NadaleeĀ“s / GamergirlĀ“s SPACEWHALES.  

SPACE WHALES and other Oddities

Due to the fact the download link results in a blank exit page, and this mod is over 100megs in size, please download this mod from Nexus Mods:Ā  Ā  https://www.nexusmods.com/Core/Libs/Common/Widgets/DownloadPopUp?id=2514&game_id=1634&source=FileExpander Ā  Ā  I’m glad to present to you my Alpha V 1.0 of my space whales and creatures!Ā  A few things you must know:Ā  There […]

Planet Atmosphere

Make far away planets become realistic with the touch of atmosphere. The effect only appear at day, at night still like the original. This is my first mod,Ā  so i’m sorry if anything goes wrong.

No glowing light around planet

Well i always hated that big rainbow kind glowing light coming from nowhere in the dark space… I made three version, less, even less, and no glow at all. Pick what suits your taste . Incompatible with anything that plays with “ATMOSPHEREFRAGMENT.SHADER.H.BIN”.

Spaceflight Overhaul, Pathfinder Edition.

This mod presents my personal take on what spaceflight both outside and inside of the atmosphere should be like: ā€¢ It is more ā€œinvolvedā€ and allows a higher top speed. ā€¢ You can turn your ship in space and as long as you arent throttling, you can look around without your direction changing at any […]

Dark Warp

Tired of blinding lights smacking you in the face as you attempt interstellar travel? Can’t stand your cockpit lighting up like a Christmas tree as you flipĀ the bird to the speed of light? Never really liked seeing the light at the end of the tunnel anyway? Despair no more! Dark Warp is here to bring […]

No Critical Hit Icon

Get’s rid of the annoying x2 that pops up during space combat. Pretty simple, I think it’s more immersive.