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Deeper Voice

Thanks for checking out my first mod. Click the videos for an example – it sounds a little clearer in-game. I’ve made a few alternatives to the suit voice that have been processed to sound deeper/lower. It modifies the original voice so it doesn’t sound too different from vanilla.

[NEXT]Exosuit Voice Replacer Updated

This mod –> https://nomansskymods.com/mods/support-intelligence-system-exosuit-voice-replacer/ But… Features: Updated to make it working with NEXT version of the game. Remastered to make it a bit more louder. Mod package compressed further with no loss on quality. [-] New lines, if any were added in NEXT update, not included. Like it, hate it, I don’t care I made […]

Quieter Freighter Warp Sound

I don’t know why freighters warping in/out have to sound like armageddon.  Aside from the fact that it would actually be silent in space, I don’t know what the devs were thinking layering 2-5 explosion sounds on top of each other….OW, my ears!. This mod replaces the warp sound with a ‘woosh’ sound that is […]

Exosuit Female Voice

Saw some people requesting a female exosuit voice mod. Here it is.  If someone wants to make a video of this I will add it to the mod description. If you search on youtube for “no man’s sky voice emma” you can hear what she sounds like. If you find any errors, let me know […]

Unfunny(maybe funny) Meme Loading Sounds

This Replaces (atm only 33/48) of The Loading Sounds With Unfunny/Funny Memes. Enjoy!

OUTDATED: Annoyance Killer

Introducing Annoyance Killer for No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises 1.33 (now modular!) I find No Man’s Sky to be a beautiful, yet sometimes very noisy game. When on a planet, the creatures howl, scream and screech to no end. When flying in your ship, the ships computer has all sorts of beeps, boops, pings and pongs […]

Star Wars Blaster – Boltcaster Audio Replacer

Replaces the default Boltcaster shooting sounds with Star Wars blaster sounds. Not much else to say.   This mod was made possible with the use of Monkeyman’s BNK Compiler

No UI Tip Chirp Sound

This mod silences the very very annoying “tip” sound (blue tip at the bottom right corner of screen). The sound plays every time the tip changes, which is quite often. This will rid you of that.  Huge thank you to NMS Modding discord for all the help, tools, etc.  This mod will not work with any […]


A new drone sound a bit Star Wars and something else. ; D

No Man’s Sky Trailer Song – Add-On

PSA: You might not hear this mod straight away as it is just randomly put into a list, but trust me it is there! Simple mod today guys, be sure to expect some more later on ?