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More Sky Colors for Cold Biomes

JefuslivesNMS – More Sky Colors for Cold Biomes This mod adds three new sky palettes to cold biomes, and adjusts the default dusk/dawn sky to be a darker blue.  Enjoy! Modifies: GCSKYGLOBALS.GLOBALS.MBIN METADATA/SIMULATION/SOLARSYSTEM/WEATHER/SKYSETTINGS/DAYSKYCOLOURS.MBIN METADATA/SIMULATION/SOLARSYSTEM/WEATHER/SKYSETTINGS/DUSKSKYCOLOURS.MBIN

Natural Skies

This mod gives all of your skies a (much) more natural look and feel by softening some neon colours, and darkening upper skies and cloud bottoms. It also fixes the overly white fogs during rainy weather and storms seen in certain sky colours. Now also contains an optional add-on mod to give your sunsets and […]

Chromatic Skies

Chromatic Skies attempts to restore the Atlas Rises era sky color palettes as well as a few other fixes. As of NEXT, only the first 5 colors of the sky color palettes are used. FEATURES and DEPENDENCIES ChromaticSkies.DayPalette – Contains the Atlas Rises sky palettes with updated cloud tintage colors. (clouds don’t always need to […]

No Man’s Sky Mod Manager

This is a simple mod manager I created. If needed, all you need to do is locate the No Man’s Sky folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky). It should work with both the Steam version and the GOG version but has only been tested with the Steam version.