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Faster AI Trader Ships

This mod is now under management of modder Lo2K on Nexusmods: https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/1629   Tired of those slow and unexciting AI ships on planets, hovering by like a bunch of tourists? Make ’em FAST! Enjoy fast and thrilling AI flybys when you least expect it. You will see the maximum travel speed for AI trader ships […]


Modifies: “METADATAREALITYTABLESINVENTORYTABLE.MBIN”  48 cargo slots in every ship purchased.  48 Technology slots in in every ship purchased.  24 Technology slots in every MultiTool Well, there’s even 48 slots in every Exocraft First mod that gives 48 Tech slots in ships Does not alter Vanilla Classes or prices (prices higher because of slot # I just […]

WinderTP’s Ships of Moar – Custom-Modeled Ships

WinderTP’s Ships of Moar A spiritual remake of Kremit’s MoarShips. Same idea, different execution, lower effort.  Replaces the Shuttles spaceship type with 40 different custom ships. Some Sci-fi, some historical, some non-space ships. Lists of ships can be seen in the credits below. Credits: X-wing from Video Copilot https://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2016/05/free-star-wars-model-pack/ A-wing by André Müller https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/a-wing-b13126de57c44f5388e80b411f47078e Y-wing […]

Psychedelic Fighter Paintjob

Psychedelic Fighter Paitjob  

Colorful Shuttles for BEYOND

A simple mod that changes the color palette for shuttles to be more like other ships. Done with text editing of SHUTTLE.TEXTURE.MBIN. Any mods that modify this file won’t be compatible (unlikely). No textures edited.

Horizontal Wings for Exotic Ships

From the second I saw the new Exotic Ships, I thought of the Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop.  I was sad to see that the wings folded completely under the ship instead of staying extended Horizontaly. This minor tweak makes all Type A wings for Exotic Ships extend out Horizontally instead of collapsing vertically.    NOTE […]

Fewer AI Starships (Work in Progress)

Simple mod which reduces the number of starships you’ll see flying about on your adventures.  Work in progress, I’m still tinkering with the numbers to see the difference it makes.  Affects ships you’ll see in space (freighters warping in, floating in space; and the trader ships similar to your own ship). Affects ships you’ll see […]


  -About this mod: This mod allows you to change the appearance of all the ships, including your actual ship, to any of the four available player ship classes. It does not require a new game, and it does not modify the real ship classes that are stored in your savegame files, or the ones in […]