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No Ai Ships on Planets

This Mod removes those random noisy AI ships who hovers around on planets. I found them just too much and too loud. So I researched parts of the outdated mod made by Architect (https://nomansskymods.com/mods/outdated-annoyance-killer/). And made it work for the current version of No Mans Sky: Vision. There are two versions (each one zip-file). Use […]

Ship Coloring Future Feature Test Mod (EOL)

!Caution! This mod no longer works and no longer receives updates! Support for this has been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who was interested in this mod project as long as it was active. Unfortunately I cannot remove the mod because the site operator / administration has blocked the function for deleting mods. That’s why this […]

Truly Efficient Efficient Thrusters

Truly Efficient Efficient Thrusters version 1.55.01 a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240) Purpose: This mod radically changes the ship launch system, especially the value of the Efficient Thrusters technology upgrade for ships. First, it reduces the base launch cost in fuel by 20% (50 to 40). Second, it DOUBLES the capacity […]

Legit Max Ships and Multitools-VISIONS

This Mod removes the RNG for ship and multitool classes, slots and stats. Each ship and multitool you encounter ingame will have the best class, maximum stats and slots. If its possible to encounter a ship in S class it will spawn as S class. If you’re in a poor system it will spawn as […]


DARCONIA for ATLAS RISES 1.38 This is a complete overhaul mod, that offers: NEW PRODUCTS ! NEW SUBSTANCES ! NEW BUILDABLE PARTS ! NEW RECIPES ! MORE TRADING OPTIONS ! specify on special products – food, illegal stuff, weapons, ship parts, machines… PROCEDURAL GENERATED CITIES ! SILO STORAGES for common substances like iron, copper, plutonium, […]


This MOD uses the great objects from the CONSTRUCTS MOD and puts them into space just like big ships or stations. Looks amazing ! Constructs: https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/323 The spawn method is based on Nadalee´s / Gamergirl´s SPACEWHALES.  

Cheap Broken Ship Inventory Slots

This mod changes the cost to repair broken ship slots to their minimum amount of units.  All ship inventory slots should be 1000 units each, while technology slots should be 2000 units each. Early on in the game, you’re able to discover crashed ships, but it’s fairly pointless because you need as much money to […]

Faster Ship and Tool Scanner Recharge

NOTE: This mod has been updated for v1.35! Simple mod that lowers the scanner recharge time to 1 second for both the ship scanner, and the multitool scanner. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EXOCRAFT! I have now added an additional pak that also shortens the recharge time for the exocraft.  HOWEVER… The game file (MBIN) that contains […]

Only fighter ship

As the title suggest this mod aims to make the game spawn fighter ship.. I made two version, one that will ONLY spawn fighter class ship, and another that will spawn more of it but you’ll get to see some other type from time to time. This mod doesn’t change the number of ships spawned […]

Shiptrail-Remover by Elca (Atlas Rises Update)

Hello! I saw a suggestion to remove the shiptrails and I thought that this would be a good test for myself since this is my first attemt on a mod and my therefore my first mod ever. This mod removes the shiptrails and only shows the engine-glow.   If you have any suggestions please contact […]