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Personal Shield Generator

Personal Shield Generator by Mjjstral (contact: @Mjjstral#1157 on discord) Quick action menu toggleable shield that protects from any damages (bullets, lasers, …) and hazards (toxic, radioactive, heat, cold, underwater) within the shield. You can also assign a hotkey for the shield activation. – Optional versions:     – Creature distractor shield emitter extra effect (creatures run […]

Metroid Prime HUD

I here am starting this HUD project and releasing WIP version here because i think people might find this hud amazing 🙂 Right now i’ve edited a bunch of the basic things. things im gonna work on surround: – Crosshair (is in the mod now but still awaiting what people think of it. might undergo change) […]

TLOZ Heart Icon

Hello for all! 🙂 This is my first mod, and i made this mod for The legend of zelda fans. This is a simple mod that replaces the original land &  ship heart icons for the iconic TLOZ heart container. Has two versions: one with original colors and other with a white color. Can have a confict […]