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Passive Sentinels

Had enough of constantly being stalked by environmentalist sentinels during your routine grind for resources? Well, weep no more, because this mod will make those pesky hovering mini robocops things totally oblivious to whatever you’re doing with that beamy mining laser thingy of yours. Finally you can destroy the environment in peace, woohoo!   Compatibility: […]

Beautiful Sentinels – Thomas and Friends Go on a Rampage

No gods, no kings, only… TRAINS Beautiful Sentinels – Thomas and Friends Go on a Rampage does the following: Replace Roaming Sentinel Drones to Bulgy the Bus Replace Attack Sentinel Drones to Harold the Helicopter Replace Sentinel Quadruped to Thomas the Tank Engine Replace Sentinel Walker to Cranky the Crane (but with legs) Replace Sentinel […]

Quick Wanted Level Timeout

Sets the maximum search time for sentinels from 60 seconds to 5 seconds (easy) or 30 seconds (normal). Just get out of sight and they’ll leave you alone. Easy version is 1 second per wanted level, normal version is 5, 10, 17, 23, 30 seconds per level. Now works with 1.55 with working flight controls. […]

HD Sentinels

HD retexture of the planetside Sentinels (drone, quadruped and walker). Colors changed to red and black for a more badass look. Other colors may follow at some point when I can be bothered but there’s other modding to do right now.  Following security concerns I am moving my mods to Nexus Mods. Please follow this link […]


“This mod will turn all the flying drones, including the one seen in the opening sequence of the game, into huge walkers. That is all.”   Made by Ur3. Packed by Ryuk. 

Grand Theft Auto Style Wanted Levels

Just a small mod that changed the wanted icon. I wasn’t really fond of the original and I think this one is a little more familiar to a lot of us 😉