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Passive Sentinels

Had enough of constantly being stalked by environmentalist sentinels during your routine grind for resources? Well, weep no more, because this mod will make those pesky hovering mini robocops things totally oblivious to whatever you’re doing with that beamy mining laser thingy of yours. Finally you can destroy the environment in peace, woohoo!   Compatibility: […]

Escape Sentinel Ships

Allows you to escape sentinels ships in space by pulse jumping away. You can’t jump immediately, however. It takes roughly ten seconds of boosting away from the sentinel ships before it will let you start a pulse jump. You will still be “wanted” until you land on a planet/station/freighter, but at least you can get […]

Different Sentinel Debris Icon (Atlas Rises)

The sentinel debris drop shows up as Chrysonite on the icon, this mod fixes that by replacing it with an entirely new icon. Hooray!!   Also, this is my first mod!  😀

Difficulty X3000

Part 2 of the X3000 series balance mods. This mod focuses on two areas of difficulty, and affects Normal and Hard modes in different ways. Adjusts hazard protection falloff rates in Normal mode to match those of Survival and Permadeath. It does NOT modify galaxy generation in any way. You will still find carefree and […]


BIG QUADS UPDATED FOR ATLAS RISES 1.35 As the name states this simply makes the quad sentinels bigger. I think they look pretty cool and I wanted to give them a little bit more attention. It only changes their size, nothing else. Not harder to fight than before. But I think it looks pretty cool […]

No Pirates + No Random Sentinels (all optional)

IMPORTANT: This mod is now part of my “AUTO MOD BUILDER – UPDATER – MOD SCRIPT SYSTEM” and can be build on your own with a few clicks. Download the tool and extract it Copy the mod script (.lua) file from the ModScriptCollection folder to the ModScript folder Enter your No Man’s Sky game folder […]

Metal Bug Drone

this mod replaces the drone texture in a other, more metal bug like thing

No random Sentinels on planets

This mod removes all randomly spawned Sentinels on planets. This means you will no longer see them when just walking around planets.   This mod does NOT remove scripted events where Sentinels appear. Therefore causing too much damage to a planets ecosystem will still alert Sentinels and cause them to spawn. Same with breaking a […]