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Hot Spot Scan Range Extender

JefuslivesNMS Hot Spot Scan Range Extender – Plus! Among other improvements, this mod fixes the hot spot scanner (Survey Device) to make up for the larger distance between hotspots when filtering by type. Increases the hot spot scan range from 400 units, to 700 units. Increases speed multipliers for walking while using the analysis visor […]

Nostalgic Scanner – E3 Alike Scanner Pulse effect

This is my attempt at re-creating E3 2015 scan pulse effect for current day NMS. Changed color to yellow Effect is now slower Most of you should be familiar with the E3 2015 gameplay trailers, like “I’ve Seen Things” trailer, and others. The scanner pulse was yellow and slower  back in the day. But for some […]

Dark Enviroment Scanner

Another super simple mod from me!  This one simply make the blue from the scanner go away.  I figured binoculars in real life make things look darker not blue.  So I made this and I hope you enjoy.

Faster Ship and Tool Scanner Recharge

NOTE: This mod has been updated for v1.35! Simple mod that lowers the scanner recharge time to 1 second for both the ship scanner, and the multitool scanner. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EXOCRAFT! I have now added an additional pak that also shortens the recharge time for the exocraft.  HOWEVER… The game file (MBIN) that contains […]

Exocraft Scanner Boost

This mod will modify the exocraft scanner to include more options. To scan certain structures you will need to upgrade your exocraft scanner. The following scans can be made now: Crashed Ships (ScanLv 1) Traveller Graves (ScanLv 2) Crashed Freighter (ScanLv 2) Observatories (ScanLv 1) Transmission Towers (ScanLv 1) Manufacturing Facilities (ScanLv 1) Alien Shops (ScanLv 1) Trading Posts (ScanLv 1) Planet […]


HIGHER BASE DENSITY & BASE ICONs What this MOD does: Increases number of generated bases. Do you know that problem, when you found a nice beautiful planet that you want as your home planet but you cannot find a base ? This mod increses the number of bases, so you can find a base on […]

Sniper Scope for Atlas Rises

Changes the binoculars to a sniper scope. You can zoom and shoot. There are two files:  “Targets” changes the creature-scan-icons into tactical targets. “Zoom Sniper” just installs the scope. Choose one or both !  

Frenchy’s Disabled Scanner

If you feel like a more fun, more challenging mode, use this mod! This mod will turn off the ability to use your on planet scanner at all, making it a forced mode that encourages more exploration.

Helmet Scanner HUD

For a view from the Helmet out.

Scanner Retexture

Retexture of the scanner/binocular UI. Three files to choose from: Simple, Simple with more transparency, and Complex. Only the simple texture has very visible lines the other two are more subtle. P.S. sorry no screenshots of the complex texture as of yet 😛