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Remove Waypoint Save Animation

Removes the anoying animation when saving a waypoint for the first time. So this is not my mod but I used to use it back in the early NMS days but seems to have disappeared from the internet. Luckily I found a backup in Google Drive and it still works with NEXT 1.55 so thought […]

No Man’s Sky Save Editor (Beta)

The reason I removed some features is because they were not working when tested. I created an NMSSE Support Discord server. If you are experiencing issues, please consider joining: https://discord.gg/9HBrxGE   Description Allows for modification of many aspects of a save file. Features Currently editable: – Health – Shield – Units – Ship health – […]

NMS Location Manager (Save/Share Locations and Teleport)

Version 1 Released! Now with auto updates. Please post feedback and issues in this reddit thread ——————————————— First things first, a big thank you to by nomansuniverse who’s No Man’s Save made this even possible (and so it’s bundled as a dependency) What it does: When you are running the application, it will detect when your […]

No Man’s SaveGame Manager

Source code available on bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/leepfrog/nomanssavegamemanager/   No Man’s SaveGame Manager is a tool that runs in the background and will create backup copies of every savegame file that No Man’s Sky creates.  The motivation is to provide the ability to: Be able to restore an older version in case your recent saves are all […]

Seed Changer (ship,multitool changer)

My small C# night project. Screenshot can explain everything. It opens save file and you can generate new seed for ship/multitool. This tool will just edit the look of the ship/multitool. It will not touch inventory or how many slots you have. Currently changes ship parts but doesn’t change your actual ship class. Totally changes multitool. Leave comments […]