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Fast And Jumpy Exocraft

Makes All Vehicles Faster and More Manuverable Also makes Roamer able to jump a little higher UPDATE : Modified Roamer Underwater Speed and buoyancy for more fun driving experience   Modifies GCVEHICLEGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN

Rover Respray – Desert

This mod is a retexture of the Roamer, Nomad, and Colossus exocraft.

Rover Respray – Matte Black

This mod is a retexture of the Roamer and Nomad exocraft.


THIS MOD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. ITS SUCCESSOR CAN BE FOUND HERE:¬†https://nomansskymods.com/mods/no-mans-customs-exocraft-overhaul/ The aim of this mod is to make the Roamer more enjoyable to drive. The adjustments made are just enough to be fun but not totally broken. This isn’t Rocket League! This mod offers the following: Increased forward and reverse speed Increased acceleration Decreased […]