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Clear Skies – Visions

A simple mod that removes/hides the volumetric clouds and the top cloud layer. I made this mod mainly to take some screenshots, but it turned out to look preety good, especially combined with Chromatic Skies and Crescent Worlds. So i decided to share it.   This mod obviously won’t be compatible with any other mods […]

No Attacking Whip Plants

NO ATTACKING WHIP TENTACLE PLANTS Updated for AR 1.35 Remove these Tentacle-Whip-Plants.   I once were on a dead, barren planet and in need of some carbon where these plants were the only source for it. So I did not simply remove them but changed them into a carbon-dropping crystal. Enjoy your exploration without having […]

Shiptrail-Remover by Elca (Atlas Rises Update)

Hello! I saw a suggestion to remove the shiptrails and I thought that this would be a good test for myself since this is my first attemt on a mod and my therefore my first mod ever. This mod removes the shiptrails and only shows the engine-glow.   If you have any suggestions please contact […]