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Hello guys, this mod allows to speed up 10x or 100x the refiner. If you have installed “my Hyperstack mod”, the refiner could crash and give as “objects to be refined” = 0. To solve, you need to split the items you want to refine into smaller groups. If you like the mod, leave the […]

All Your Base – Base Building Enhancements

All Your Base – Building Enhancements for NMS Beyond/Desolation **NEW in 2.62** Adds the ability to apply wood, metal or stone textures to various power and industrial tech. 1) Adds scaling and 3d rotation to a number of buildable items and base Tech: Medium and Large Refiners Power and Industrial Tech Storage containers Trade Terminal […]

No Man’s Science for 1.7 (Chemistry Fixes)

Does the plethora of chemical inaccuracies in No Man’s Sky bug the hell out of you? If you’ve taken basic chemistry class and even paid the least bit of attention, it probably bugs you that you can’t just lap some hydrogen and nitrogen together to get ammonia, or the fact dioxite is notated as CO2, […]