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Spacestation Retexture HD + more Colors

Hello! My second Mod is a combination of some own things and a Mod from ScavangeR. It will retexture all Spacestations with High Quality Textures and will make the lines in other colors as well as the Beam outside of the Spacestation. Select the texture and extract it. And select a color and extract it. […]

New Red Crystal Design (EOL)

!Caution! This mod no longer receives updates! Support for this has been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who was interested in this mod project as long as it was active. Unfortunately I cannot remove the mod because the site operator / administration has blocked the function for deleting mods. That’s why this note. greetings quantus — […]

Gradiated red -> purple -> blue station interior

My last mod based around ‘station interior lighting’. Just testing some new tech I got which allows me to adjust the hue of colours in gradients instead of numbers.

RGBW Ship HUD Retexture

Unifies all your ships displays with a clean UI of your color preference. (The in-game screenshot is from V1.1, not 1.2) Highly recommend using in conjunction with Owned’s screen mod to make it pop more. Let me hear your feedback!