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Trade and Economy Mod NEXT

So Hello Games added a new trading system in 1.3 which is very cool but unfortunately only limited to specific 35 trade goods. In 1.5 for some reason they removed trade goods entirely from the space stations and other sales places so I added them back in. I decided to make every product and substance […]

Tech Shop Rebalance

Please help test, leave feedback. I never see theta level blueprints in the tech shop, 5 blueprints is too few. I wanted to simply add a second tab of blueprints to choose from, but i don’t think it is possible. Instead I changed how rare higher level blueprints are. By default there are 5 VeryRare and […]

Product Cost Rebalance

This is meant to balance the buy/sell values of some items to bring a wider market of items that can be sold to  help the player make $$ by trading and farming. In addition, the margin for higher/lower prices is wider. The most I usually see without the mod is 4 to 5 %. This […]

Milestones Rebalance

You are no “Magnate” in this space opera unless you’re pimpin a top of the line freighter, no “Adventurer” until you’ve trudged a 1,000,000u! I didn’t feel the milestones required enough of the player. There are two versions, upgrade and extreme tweaked for survival mode. I didn’t change the Species Discovery Milestone, it was already […]