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Reduced Mission Hints and Assists [EXO MECH UPDATE]

OVERVIEW This mod introduces several mission based QoL changes.  It removes several annoying tutorial missions triggered by having certain items in your inventory (e.g. star charts, upgrade modules).  Furthermore, missions no longer force a default inventory window; your inventory should now remember the tab it was on regardless of the mission you have selected. Do […]

_CubeSnap – Infrastructure Floor Tiles / Cube Snapping to Cuboid Rooms

Since Eucli-ea is being updated again, _CubeSnap standalone will not be updated. For future updates, go to Eucli-ea  page and get it there: https://nomansskymods.com/mods/eucli-ea-more-buildable-decorations-atlas-rises-edition/   A part of Eucli-ea, _CubeSnap is released as a standalone for AR as custom scene-updating is way too time-consuming to be viable for one person as for now for a mod […]