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No Charge Portals 1.58

Due to people not able to respect my request I have moved this mod to be on nexus only where I can moderate users.  I will regularly clear this pages chat from now on so if you want to leave me a comment please do so in nexus. Follow this link to go to the […]

Glyph and Portal Locator

This is a simple mod that will make all Portals and Traveler Graves have a scannable icon that’s clearly visible from the ship. It will make easier to locate and find those pesky little Glyphs while you are exploring around your planets. The icons can be seen from the ship and on foot when you […]

Ship Summoner for Portals

Ship Summoner for Portals This mod spawns a ship summoner next to every portal, unforunately not (yet) removing the limitation to call your ship when travelling to the other side of the portal. Many thanks to monkeyman192 and all the others for their huge efforts for the NMS modding community.. Mod made by Mjjstral aka […]

Spacestation Portal

Adds a portal to each spacestation. Many thanks to monkeyman192 for his huge efforts towards the NMS modding community and his work on the mbin compiler.

Crashed Freighter

This will exchange all the portals with the crashed freighter. Both are non-functioning props therefor this is just for the visual experience in your game. The portals spawn rarely, so will the freighter which is why I have used the portal (also because it doesn’t have any function).     I don’t remember the freighter […]