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Tropical and Humid Planets Temperature Fix

Tropical [Trop-i-kuh l for 1–4, 6; Troh-pi-kuh l for 5] Adjective 1. Pertaining to, characteristic of, occurring in, or inhabiting the tropics, especially the humid tropics. NOTE: This mod is indeed compatible with the Atlas Rises update 1.3! About this mod: I love this game, especially with the Atlas Rises update, but I think that […]

Higher/Lower Planet Spawn Distance

  Just a Small Mod that changes the Distance of the Planets. What shoudl i say more. I just want to say that the extreme Version is only for Crazy people. You will really sense the changes.   That Mod Edit Solargenerationglobal.mbin. Every other Mod that edits the same is incompatible.

Life Sized Planets

This mod makes planet around Earth’s Size which I consider life sized which is 345.84 times bigger than default planets . I figured this out by watching the video where it takes a guy about 12 hours to walk halfway around a planet and doubled it to get around the full size. Then I checked […]

Fewer Buildings and Resources

Fewer Buildings and Resources mod decreases the amount of some stuff generated on every planet. It decreases the amount of buildings. It makes planets natural and wilder. So you have to use scanners and beacons to find buildings, plaques and ruins. It decreases the amount of resources a little bit. It decreases the amount of caves.