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No Ai Ships on Planets

This Mod removes those random noisy AI ships who hovers around on planets. I found them just too much and too loud. So I researched parts of the outdated mod made by Architect (https://nomansskymods.com/mods/outdated-annoyance-killer/). And made it work for the current version of No Mans Sky: Vision. There are two versions (each one zip-file). Use […]

Planet Atmosphere

Make far away planets become realistic with the touch of atmosphere. The effect only appear at day, at night still like the original. This is my first mod,  so i’m sorry if anything goes wrong.

Only Certain Biomes

With this you can limit planets to certain biomes. I have only done it to two biomes atm but I will add more as time progresses. YOU DONT NEED A NEW SAVE! JUST TESTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can limit the planets to a green planets with lush green grass, or the hexagon(weird) biome with all colors. Both of […]

No glowing light around planet

Well i always hated that big rainbow kind glowing light coming from nowhere in the dark space… I made three version, less, even less, and no glow at all. Pick what suits your taste . Incompatible with anything that plays with “ATMOSPHEREFRAGMENT.SHADER.H.BIN”.