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Pathfinder Mod Pack

This is a mod pack for people that are still playing the Pathfinder Update and want to use old mods that work with Pathfinder.  This mod pack also includes instructions on how to downgrade to the Pathfinder Update on PC if needed.  Most of the mods on this site only work for NEXT, so I’ve […]

Only fighter ship

As the title suggest this mod aims to make the game spawn fighter ship.. I made two version, one that will ONLY spawn fighter class ship, and another that will spawn more of it but you’ll get to see some other type from time to time. This mod doesn’t change the number of ships spawned […]

Exocraft Camera Fix

Fix the camera for all exocraft.


THIS MOD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. ITS SUCCESSOR CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://nomansskymods.com/mods/no-mans-customs-exocraft-overhaul/ The aim of this mod is to make the Roamer more enjoyable to drive. The adjustments made are just enough to be fun but not totally broken. This isn’t Rocket League! This mod offers the following: Increased forward and reverse speed Increased acceleration Decreased […]


DARK SPACE aims to lower overall brightness of space and night sky. Now in 3 self-explanatory versions: Normal, Nebulas Only and Black – comparison shot included. Enjoy!

NMS – Star Trek Font replacer

—What this mod does: It replace the “GAMEFONT2.TTF” with a Star Trek like Font. The mod works for Foundation Update, Pathfinder Updat, Atlas Rises  and NEXT   !!!!You may have problems, with languages that have non-latin-characters!!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  “Sehr geil! Hab’ […]