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Retrospections – Back to Atlas Rises: Color Palettes

This mod aims to restore the Atlas Rises era color palettes/combinations back into Visions/NEXT versions. Mod adds: Multi color grass: Planets can now have 2 primary colors of grass, often resulting in beautiful gradients. Old color palettes for all planets This mod doesn’t change: Terrain generation Water colors Planetary objects (trees, plants, etc) For the […]

Chromatic Skies

Chromatic Skies attempts to restore the Atlas Rises era sky color palettes as well as a few other fixes. As of NEXT, only the first 5 colors of the sky color palettes are used. FEATURES and DEPENDENCIES ChromaticSkies.DayPalette – Contains the Atlas Rises sky palettes with updated cloud tintage colors. (clouds don’t always need to […]

Base Palette Customiser

Base Palette Customiser is a small application that allows you to easily change the 16 palettes available for bases in No Man’s Sky. It’ll create a custom mod that it places in your MODS folder (or creates a MODS folder for you, if you don’t have one). Usage Unzip the archive provided anywhere on your […]

More Colour Palette Combinations (Final Update) Pathfinder

  THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE I SHALL EVER MAKE TO THIS MOD. Hello, mod user! It’s been an awful long time since the last release for this mod. In order to avoid confusion, the version for the No Man’s Sky FOUNDATION Release is here. The older version is HERE. This mod is aimed at […]

Better Biome Colors

This mod replaces the available color palettes for biomes with a wider range of color possibilities. This should result in a more colorful experience when visiting new planets.     CLICK HERE to buy me a beer if you like this mod. 😉