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No Ai Ships on Planets

This Mod removes those random noisy AI ships who hovers around on planets. I found them just too much and too loud. So I researched parts of the outdated mod made by Architect (https://nomansskymods.com/mods/outdated-annoyance-killer/). And made it work for the current version of No Mans Sky: Vision. There are two versions (each one zip-file). Use […]

No footsteps

Removes all sounds relating to footsteps. There is another version removing footstep sounds and jetpack sounds : No footsteps & No Jetpack sounds mod *No conflict with other audio mods unless it uses NMS_AUDIO_PERSISTENT.BNK

No Screen Door Noise Fade Effect (PAK)

Removes the weird screen door noise effect when geometry pops in to view.   UPDATE: New pak file fixes issues with it not working!