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NMS Recipe List + Access Codes v 1.2

Список рецептов с поиском. Удобная программа поиска рецептов для очистителя. Кроме того, если вы знаете рецепт, вы можете добавить его в список.   List of recipes with search. Convenient recipe finder program for purifier. Also, if you know a recipe, you can add it to the list.

Exocraft Camera Fix

Fix the camera for all exocraft.

MOD No Man’s Sky Font

This mod replace the old font model and put a new ones with the original No Man’s Sky Font, is similar to the model that was shown in IGN First 2016.  


zenuel.com   This mod ONLY WORKS if you have a MICROPHONE Anubis is a ship AI created by Zenuel, and redistributed and repurposed by me. (Yes, I have permission from Zen to do this!) He is a fully functional AI system that responds to your real voice, and will do certain things for you. For instance; […]