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XurloK’s Filter Swap Plus Sharpening

I Introduce XurloK’s Filter Swap Plus Sharpening. this mod basically swaps out the default filter with one of the filters in this mod plus you have sharpening addition to the collection without the need of Reshade mods also just made a InjFX_settings.h file incuded with download. Filters in this pack are the following: “FILMIC” “HYPERREAL” […]

Custom Camera Shake by nelis1846

hello there, this is a very simple mod that removes all camera shake effects except the effect for landing your ship. the effect for landing your ship is a gentle up/down motion instead of the default unrealistic motion. |— GENERAL INFORMATION —|      |— this mod is based on the GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN of No Man’s […]