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Based on the artwork of the deceased surrealist Hans Ruedi Giger, by Virakotxa.  Retexture of the planetary assets of three (out of eleven) Visions’ exotic biomes: Contours, Mstructures and Bonespires, into a gigeresque biomechanical theme. Check my other biomechanical retextures to date:  

Realistic Lighting Overhaul Reshade for NMS Next

Realistic Lighting Overhaul Reshade NMS Next So what does RLOr for NMS Next do? It continues the work done by TheMercsAssassin which tones down the cartoony look of NMS Next and aims to bring realistic lighting and colour to the game.  It adds a number of lighting and colour corrections not only to NMS but […]

Eurocaps (Elite: Dangeous) Font for NMS.

This mod replaces the default font of NMS with the Eurocaps font. This gives it a more serious and sci-fi look, rather than the slitghtly distracting look of the default font. This font is also used in Elite: Dangerous, an excellent space-flight simulator, which was a big inspiration for me to do this mod.   […]

How to edit textures in No Mans Sky (create a mod)

Hope it helps comment if there is a problem.

Mass .Pak Extractor (NMS Unpacker)

Please enjoy and check out my other mods.   How to install is down below.


  this are textures for all the crystals in the game for more bling bling Deutsch C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonNo Man’s SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS Mod enthält Texturen von allen Kristallen im Spiel.  


  this are textures for all the buildings in the game including all the stuff in it screens chairs consoles terminals landingpats Deutsch: sie enthält texturen von allen gebäuden im spiel. sowie : stühle konsolen landeplattformen monitore usw. VIEL SPASS !!! —————————————————————————– MADE BY DR HIMMELPIMMEL   pS SPACESTATION IS SEPERATE http://nomansskymods.com/mods/dr-himmelpimmels-spacestation/

NMS – BetterGrain&Ultra High Mod

This Mod include:   Reflections (on High setting) now is equal to Ultra detail Shadows (Ultra setting) now is  equal to Ultra High detail Terrain LOD settings adjusted (wip) Grain fade shadow adjusted and reduced (is a intermediate compromise “grain>>now<<pop in”)


zenuel.com   This mod ONLY WORKS if you have a MICROPHONE Anubis is a ship AI created by Zenuel, and redistributed and repurposed by me. (Yes, I have permission from Zen to do this!) He is a fully functional AI system that responds to your real voice, and will do certain things for you. For instance; […]