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Nanites Trading

Nanites are available for purchase at Space Station terminals, updated for THE ABYSS 1.7 There are several in-game items that require Nanites for purchasing. For those that would prefer not to hunt for them, this mod makes them available for purchase in Space Station terminals. As a rare item, the base value is set to […]

Trade and Economy Mod NEXT

So Hello Games added a new trading system in 1.3 which is very cool but unfortunately only limited to specific 35 trade goods. In 1.5 for some reason they removed trade goods entirely from the space stations and other sales places so I added them back in. I decided to make every product and substance […]

Sell Nanites

Has it gotten to the point where you’ve already bought all the blueprints you want, and now you just have these pesky nanites hogging inventory space? Perhaps you just discard them to free up that space? Well why discard them when you can sell them! This very simple mod keeps vanilla trading in NMS with […]