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Multiple player freighters on the same system in multiplayer

WHAT THIS MOD DO: Normally, when you try to warp your freighter in a system where another’s player freighter is present, the game prevents it with the message “Other players freighter already present”. What this mod does is remove that restriction. It does that by modifying the file GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN (so it will conflict with any […]


You’re on a community planet, very cool! But your HUD is cluttered with all these icons from other players. You can’t even see your own base icon anymore. This simple mod helps to reduce the clutter on your screen from the icons so you don’t have to disable your HUD when on a planet with […]

Freighter Control – Allows Multiple Player Freighters in System

IMPORTANT This mod changes GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL and anything that modifies that file will be incompatible with this modification. Description This tweak allows you to spawn your freighter in a system with other player freighters in the system. This tweak has been tested with two freighters but I do believe it should work on more than that. […]

Intelligence Enhancer (Mod and Resource)

This simple mod will enhance your intelligence to remind you that mods, in fact, work in multiplayer. Next time when you have the sudden urge to ask if a certain mod would work in multiplayer, simply install this mod, run the game, and read the title screen to enhance your intelligence by 1 and forego […]

Multiplayer Astronaut Player Model

Now fixed and working ! First proof of concept ! Combines the multiplayer player orb with an astronaut player model (with laser sword and shield). It’s a static model without animations, but still cool. This is actually a model made by Hello Games that was hidden in the game files since version 1.0. It doesn’t […]